Testimonials from real Energy One Solar Customers

Here at Energy One Solar we love our customers, which is why we go above and beyond for them.

Below are real testimonials from happy Energy One Solar customers. If you would like to leave a review then fill out a form on the right.

South Central Solar, Inc. BBB Business Review

Allen S.

Jefferson City, MO.

Since installation was completed, it has been working well and I am pleased, First month electric bill shoed a surplus of 102 KWH generated over what was consumed.

Chuck D.

Nevada, MO

The system is helping immensely. We’ve told others about our satisfaction with Energy One Solar. Installation crew was fast and left close to no impact on our property.

Jerry B.

Marysville, Kansas

My bill went from $175 to a $12.00 credit. Installers were very helpful. Very happy with Energy One Solar and their people.

John L.

Benton, Kansas 

August bill was $22.00. I’m very happy overall. Installers were very efficient, and both Brie and Dustin have been very helpful in answering questions. Wish more people understood the need to consider insuring our personal expenses for the future and were more concerned with the carbon footprint we are all leaving behind.

Bob P.

DeSoto, Missouri

Everyone was very friendly – even installers who worked in less than perfect conditions (pouring rain). Phone calls and/or questions have been responded to within very reasonable time frames. 

L. Olson

Mission, Texas

I was extremely happy that install only took one day. Service was great, Communications were good, Kate did a great job of keeping her informed and responding to her.  Clean up was good, what had to be left behind was neatly stacked in one place where she easily separated recyclables from trash.

K. Garrett

Maryville, MO

The installers you use are fantastic!  Very polite and extremely hard workers.

When we turned on our system for the first time as a test……we were watching the electric meter run…..and watching the meter run….and watching the meter run………and then the magic happened!!!  My electric meter began to run backwards!!  I waited a long time for that moment!

Additionally, E1 actually educated the Maryville city inspector on PV systems using microinverters as our system is the first in Maryville to utilize microinverters.    

Speaking for my wife and myself, I do feel comfortable recommending Energy One to my friends and family. 

Kelly M.

Google Review

Energy One installed our solar about two years ago and it was the best home improvement we have ever done. The company was easy to work with and explained everything to us, which made the transition to solar a breeze. We have been enjoying free electricity ever since.

Sukumar M.

Kansas City Metro

Great system. Very effective performance.

My first utility bill after the solar panels were installed was negative.

I was told by Energy One that their panels would reduce the utility bills by 80% to 90% which has been real so far. Now, I have decided to get few more solar panels installed to offset my gas bill. I decided that I will reduce the use of gas furnace and use local electric room heaters. I am excited with the solar panels.

The people at Energy One have been very friendly and provide good explanation about how the panels function to result in savings of thousands of dollars every year. Great company…..

D. Webber

Google Review

The folks at Energy One (Solar) have been nothing but helpful and courteous. They did an amazing job of making sure I understood the process even though I initially knew nothing about solar. They were patient and professional in answering all of my questions. It you’re looking for top-notch quality product(s) & service, along with personable staff willing to give you the time you deserve, look no further than Energy One (Solar)!

Sue Ellen L.

Google Review

When I initially contacted Energy ONE I knew absolutely nothing about solar energy. The man on the phone took the time to explain the process to me, the different types of panels, how the electrical grid works and made the experience much less intimidating than I had built it up in my head.

I would recommend Energy ONE to anyone who is considering solar for their home or business. The team is friendly and quite knowledgeable and will take the time to explain the process in layman’s terms.

* I am now considering solar for my retired parents who are on a fixed income. 🙂

Laurel N.

Google Review

As any good consumer, I did my research and decided to choose EnergyONE for solar on my home.
I felt they had the best product and customer track record… I was confident in giving my business to EnergyONE, especially since I’m passionate about renewable energy.
Once everything was up and running, there was an issue with the panels a few months after install. I contacted EnergyONE and the same day I got a call from the owner. He was concerned about making sure I was happy and immediately started working on resolving the problem. Kate, the office manager, did a wonderful job and followed up afterwards to make sure I was happy. Thankfully it was a quick fix, and I was so impressed with the customer service.


Admiral Bank

I am a Loan Officer at Admirals Bank and I work with literally hundreds of contractors across the US. Dustin Garrens is by far the most customer concerned partner that I work with. He is very thorough in working through not only the project, but takes the extra step to get the absolute best financing options for his customers. Dustin really cares!

Chris O.

Google Review

The Energy One team was more than helpful as I wandered through the world of Solar. They handled all the business with KCPL and also pushed them along when the heels were being dragged. All in all the guys cleaned up after and were efficient getting the system in, only took a few days. They were also very accommodating on price and worked to get me all credits possible.
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