The disadvantages of using fossil fuels

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Unlike the other non renewable energy resources in Kansas City, solar power is not responsible for the increase in Industrialization. Fossil fuels provide 66% of the world’s electrical needs and 95% of our energy input. However, professionals are urging the population to adopt solar energy in Kansas City. This is because; the disadvantages that are associated with the fossil fuels outweigh its advantages. Some of them are listed below,

  • Fossil fuels are limited as they don’t replenish themselves like the renewable energy resources. They would be more expensive as they become scarcer each year. The technologies we are using daily to make our life easier would be rendered useless if there is no power to fuel them and this situation is bound to happen someday.
  • The most important disadvantage of using non renewable energy resources is the impact they have on mother earth. The mining, processing and consumption of these fuels affect the environment negatively. The processing plants produces tons and tons of toxic waste that are dumped into the ground. The burning fuel gives out carbon di oxide and other substances that contribute to Global warming.
  • Above all it is hazardous to the health of humans and animals alike. Uranium which was used in nuclear power plants can cause birth defects, cancer, abnormality of kidney and liver etc. People working in coal mines and plants are affected by disease associated with lungs.
  • They are very difficult to transport across the globe.

Though it requires much perseverance and dedication to replace the role of the fossil fuels in our society, it is not entirely impossible.

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