Little known facts about solar energy

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In Kansas City, solar and wind energy has been gaining momentum and are the highly sought after renewable energy technology. Recent years have seen enormous investment in utility solar plants because house residents and commercial building owners alike are now relying on solar energy in Kansas City to save money. In spite of its wide acceptance, most people are unaware of the true potential of the solar energy. Some unknown facts about solar energy is given here,

  • Solar energy is responsible for the existence of life. By empowering photosynthesis, it has become the source of all food on earth. Sunlight was also the primary source energy of non renewable fossil fuels which began its life as plants and animals millions of years ago.
  • Greeks and Romans were using solar energy directly by means of magnifying glass and mirrors to start fires and light torches. It is also used to heat and light their indoor spaces.
  • It is also used to power cars, aircrafts, spaceships and calculators.
  • The leading artist and intellectual of the Italian renaissance, Leonardo da vinci predicted that there would be solar industrialization in the future in 1447.
  • Solar energy is preferred to create power for temporary requirements like fairs and mining sites. The Olympics organizers had constructed an extraordinary building for the Rio Olympics, 2016 to create renewable energy to power the Olympic village as well some parts of the city.
  • Clouds and pollution could prevent sunlight from reaching the earth.

Though the contribution of solar energy in supplying the energy needs of earth is comparatively low, its future prospects are mind boggling.

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