New forecasting system would make solar energy more successful

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Solar radiations are infamously difficult to predict. Other than the topography of the location and the type of clouds, it also depends on number of other factors such as dust, pollution, humidity etc. The situation is further complicated if the area in which is located is located on a steep mountainside or accompanied by freshly fallen snow. In historically conservative states such as Kansas Solar energy, Texas, Iowa, Arizona, North Carolina have already been adopted widely, regardless of this unpredictability. As the demand for power increases, it is important to be able to estimate the source of energy as accurately as possible.

A national team of scientist has now developed a cutting edge technology that gives solar energy a new potential. It provides improved forecasts of the atmosphere that could save hundreds of millions of dollars for the solar energy industry. This system helps to predict the conditions of clouds and atmosphere that impacts the quantity of energy produced by the solar arrays in Kansas and other cities. It is determined that this new system is 50% more accurate than any previous available forecast. By this way, it contributes to the reduction of cost in solar and wind energies, making it easier to integrate renewable energy into the electrical grid.

By advancing the technologies involved in the intelligence techniques, computer systems and observations, forecasts are extended to 72 hours. This allows the personnel to predict the need for other sources of energy to balance the need.

The objective of this massive effort is to make solar energy as reliable as other traditional resources in the near future.

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