Solar Panel Installation – Just Seven Steps to Go!

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Decided to go solar and purchase a solar power system for your home? Making the smartest decision to switching to solar energy in Houston also brings a number of questions to your mind and probably you may be wondering what’s next? Here is a whittled list that helps you to install solar panels in seven easier steps.

Solar Contract

Once you decide to install solar panels on your roof top, hire a professional contractor to install and maintain your system. Get referrals from your friends and neighbors to choose the right solar panel installer. Schedule a home audit once you sign the sales contract to determine the areas where you can save the energy.

Home Site Audit

The solar panel installation company will send a professional to your home to examine your roof and premises where the solar panel needs to be installed. They will also service panels to get technical inputs and finalize a detailed design.

Review Design

A detailed design layout document will be mailed to you a few days after the site audit to review and approve. Once you approve the design, the professional starts building your system based on the required specifications.

File the Permits

A good contractor will help you in preparing the documents to be submitted for approval and obtain the appropriate construction permits from your local jurisdiction.


Once the approval process is over, the professional will call you and set up an installation time based on your schedule. They will also provide your advice on what to expect during the installation process.

Solar Inspection

The necessary inspection from your local jurisdiction or utility provider is arranged after installation and is typically completed within a week. After the inspection process, the Permission to Operate will be granted to you by the utility provider.

System Activation

Once the inspection and set up is done, your system is ready to be turned on. The solar installer will also perform an in-person system walkthrough to track the solar energy your system is making.

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